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Are Marble Countertops Right for You?

Let’s cut to the chase – marble countertops are an excellent investment. And, many homeowners prefer them to kitchen and bathroom counters made of granite, quartz and other high-end materials.

Marble truly delivers on several different levels, but as with other countertop materials, it does have a few caveats to keep in mind. To determine whether marble is the right choice for you, you’ll have to weigh the pros and cons of this material.
Pros and cons of marble countertops

Elegant Beauty

Marble countertops are in high demand mainly because of their timeless beauty. The natural stone comes in a wide spectrum of colors and patterns, and every slab has a uniquely gorgeous look. Whether the surface is honed, polished, tumbled or leathered, this type of counter is an elegant, eye-catching choice.

Naturally Cool

Marble is cool to the touch, as the natural stone has a considerably high thermal conductivity rate. For anyone who enjoys baking, this is a definite plus – the cold surface is ideal for working with and rolling out pastry dough.

Heat Resistant

As cool as marble is, the countertop material can also handle the heat. In the kitchen, the surface stands up to hot pots and pans, even those straight from the oven or stovetop. In the bathroom, curling irons and hair styling tools won’t damage the natural stone.

Long Lifespan

How long do marble countertops last? To get an idea of the longevity, simply look to the numerous world monuments made of this natural stone. The Parthenon, the Pantheon, the Taj Mahal – these and many other masterpieces have been standing strong since ancient times! Since it passes the test of time outside with constant exposure to the elements, you can count on marble surviving the conditions inside your kitchen or bathroom.

Concerns About Marble Countertops

When homeowners decide against installing marble counters, the choice is usually due to one of two primary concerns:


Because marble is a soft, porous stone, counters made of this material are prone to staining, scratching and impact damage.


Marble countertops require regular sealing, at least once per year. For counters that see heavy use, more frequent applications are necessary.

The bottom line is that marble counters can be an ideal choice for some homeowners, while others prefer alternatives like custom granite and quartz. To explore your options with a local custom countertop fabricator, turn to the professionals at Creative Granite.

An Intermountain West industry leader for decades, Creative Granite is the go-to source for custom countertops in Utah, Idaho and Wyoming. We offer many different natural stone and engineered countertop materials, and our friendly team is happy to help homeowners make a decision on which to install. And we guarantee you’ll be thrilled with our high-quality fabrication, masterful craftsmanship and exceptional customer service.

To schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss marble countertops, contact us or stop by the Creative Granite design center in Salt Lake City, Utah, today.

How to Care for Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops are non-porous, which makes them incredibly resistant to staining. They’re also quite durable, and engineered stone rivals high-end granite in terms of beauty. No wonder quartz has become a preferred choice for kitchen and bathroom counters!

Of course, every type of countertop material needs some attention to stay at its best. Fortunately, the upkeep for quartz is easy. Here’s what to do – and not to do – to maintain your quartz countertops.


Routine Care

Quartz countertops don’t require much maintenance – they never need sealing like natural stone. That said, keep these routine care tips in mind:


Wipe spills immediately
Stains never have a chance to set in when you wipe the mess when it’s still wet.


Scrape away dried crud
A hard plastic scraper makes it easy to eliminate a dried mess.


Choose a bleach-free degreaser
Go with glass cleaner or cleanser made for quartz to remove cooking grease.


If your countertop has a tougher stain, such as permanent marker or ink, use an adhesive cleaner, such as Goo Gone. If that fails, try isopropyl rubbing alcohol, or simply contact a local custom countertop fabricator for expert assistance.


What Not to Do


Caring for quartz countertops is easy, but if you want to preserve the integrity and aesthetic appeal of your engineered stone counters, you’ll need to steer clear of damaging habits. Here’s how to protect your quartz:


  • Never use scouring pads or abrasive cleansers

  • Don’t place hot pans directly on the surface

  • Avoid slicing and dicing without a cutting board

  • Take care not to drop heavy objects on the countertop


How Long Do Quartz Countertops Last?


Manufacturers typically offer warranties in the 10 to 15 year range, but if you give your quartz countertop the care it needs, the surface will remain beautiful for much longer – maybe even for as long as you own your home.


And, in the unlikely event your quartz counter chips or develops a crack at some point down the road, the issue is easy to fix. Do-it-yourself kits are widely available, or you can turn to a local custom countertop fabricator for a more seamless repair with a flawless finish.


If you have questions about quartz countertops, the award-winning professionals at Creative Granite can provide expert answers and advice on options for your Utah, Idaho or Wyoming home.


Creative Granite, an industry leader in the Intermountain West for more than 17 years, carries a vast range of high-quality natural stone and engineered countertop materials. Our skilled team offers exceptional fabrication, masterful installation and unparalleled customer service.

For a free, no-pressure consultation and a look at samples of our quartz countertops, contact us in Salt Lake City today.

Custom Granite Countertop Finish Options

The surface finish you select for your custom granite countertops will affect the look and feel of your living space. How much – or how little – sheen you decide upon will also determine how well the stone’s natural characteristics and color variations come to view.

A range of finishes can be applied to custom granite countertops, each of which adds a different dimension to the stone. Visiting a local counter design center is the best way to explore your finish options, but the following guide to the three most popular stone finishes should provide a good starting point.

custom granite countertop


Polished granite countertops have a high-gloss, mirror-like sheen. Many homeowners choose this finish because it allows the full color and character of the natural stone to shine through. Another plus to a polished finish is that it makes for low maintenance counters – the stone is easy to clean and doesn’t require frequent sealing. Furthermore, polished granite stands out as a focal point in a kitchen or bathroom, as the glossy shine contrasts beautifully against the wood cabinetry.


Honed granite countertops are satin-smooth, with just a slight sheen. The nearly matte appearance hides scratches and etches more effectively than a polished stone. And, honed counters have a softer, more natural look. However, this finish can dull the granite, obscuring some of the stone’s subtle color variations. Also, with a honed finish, countertops are more susceptible to damage, which means spills must be cleaned up immediately and the surface requires regular sealing.


Leathered granite countertops have little to no shine and a natural appearance, like honed counters. However, while the latter finish is smooth, leathered stone has a pebbly, textured surface. The overall effect is rustic, warm and inviting, and homeowners tend to like how the surface hides fingerprints and doesn’t need to be sealed often. That said, leathered granite has pits and fissures that can be difficult to clean.

Which Countertop Finish Should You Choose?

Every finish option for custom granite countertops has advantages and drawbacks. The decision on which to select boils down to two things – the look you like and the level of daily care and ongoing maintenance you prefer.

Really, there are no wrong choices when it comes to countertop finishes. Whether you go with polished, honed or leathered granite – or any other type of surface finish — you’re sure to end up with a beautiful, high-end look.

When you’re ready to choose custom granite countertops for your Utah, Idaho or Wyoming home, turn to the award-winning professionals at Creative Granite. Our counter design center stocks an extensive variety of gorgeous granite slabs from around the world, and our expert team can help you decide which type of countertop surface finish best meets your needs and wants.

Stop by the Creative Granite design center in Salt Lake City to view our selection in person, or contact us to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation consultation and estimate for custom granite countertops today.

Solid Surface Countertop Costs Are Driven by 5 Key Factors

According to Home Advisor, solid surface countertops cost as little as $52 per square foot to install, but the price can run upwards of $120 per square foot installed.

So, why the wide range of prices?

Simply put, it’s because solid surfaces with a wide range of options — all of which can affect the amount charged for installation. Here are five factors experts consider when determining the cost of solid surface countertops.

solid surface countertop costs

No. 1: Countertop Size

It shouldn’t be surprising to learn that project size plays a large role in the total cost of countertop installation. Bigger projects generally take longer to complete, and the greater amount of labor involved increases the price of installing solid surface counters.

No. 2: Material Quality

Not all solid surfaces are created equal. A number of reputable manufacturers create countertop materials of exceptional quality – and, understandably, many of their products come at a higher cost. But, for many homeowners, getting the best quality is well worth the price.

No. 3: Custom Edges

Basic edging is typically included in the price of countertop installation. However, if you want a different type of edge profile – like crescent, bullnose or chiseled edges – you can expect to pay extra. Usually, this amounts to an added charge of at least $12 per square foot.

No. 4: Countertop Layout

When it comes to countertop installation, customization is inevitable. The layout needs to be expertly planned to line up patterns, while also allowing for the perfect placement of backsplashes, sinks and other built-in features. Depending upon the particulars of your kitchen or bathroom, layout customization could add to the project cost.

No. 5: Worksite Location

One of the biggest factors in the cost of countertop installation – and one that many homeowners overlook – is the location of the worksite. If the path from the truck’s parking spot to your kitchen or bathroom is long, difficult to navigate or involves climbing a lot of stairs, your project price will increase.

So, how much will it cost to install the solid surface countertops of your dreams? The best way to find out is to meet with a local custom countertop fabricator. If you live in Utah, Idaho or Wyoming, the award-winning professionals at Creative Granite can help you explore your options.

As an Intermountain West industry leader for over 17 years, Creative Granite is known for high-quality fabrication, masterful installation and exceptional customer service. We carry an extensive variety of eye-catching, high-quality countertop materials, and our expert team can help you find a style you love at a price that makes you smile.

For a free, no-obligation solid surface countertop consultation and cost estimate, or to schedule a visit to the Creative Granite design center, contact our Salt Lake City, Utah, office today.

How High-End Granite Countertops Compare to Other Materials

High-end granite is one of the most popular types of countertops, and for good reason. Each natural stone slab features unique variations and beautiful, one-of-a-kind patterns, and the material is both incredibly durable and highly resistant to heat.

high-end granite countertops

Are granite countertops the right choice for your Intermountain West home? To help you decide, here’s a look at how granite compares to six alternative options.

Quartz Countertops

Like high-end granite countertops, quartz counters are highly durable and scratch-resistant. In addition, quartz doesn’t stain easily – with granite, staining can be more of a concern.

Quartz countertops offer striking beauty, and since the stone is engineered, you can customize the look to match your home décor. However, quartz counters don’t have the same resistance to heat as granite countertops, and hot pans can create damage.

Solid Surface Countertops

Solid surface counters come in hundreds of colors and patterns, so Intermountain West homeowners can choose the ideal shade for any kitchen or bathroom. And, since they’re custom designed, the counters don’t have seams.

That said, solid surfaces aren’t known for durability – they’re prone to scratching, and they can’t take the heat like granite countertops.

Marble Countertops

As with granite, marble makes for an eye-catching, natural stone counter with a unique look. Marble slabs have specks, streaks and unusual patterns, and each one is different.

However, marble counters are much more high-maintenance than granite countertops – the stone needs to be sealed every two years. Plus, marble scratches easily, and spills that aren’t quickly wiped can cause permanent stains.

Wood Countertops

Wood counters bring warmth and beauty to a kitchen or bathroom, and many northern Utah homeowners prize wood for its rustic charm.

Compared to granite countertops, though, wood counters require a lot of maintenance. It needs to be oiled about two or three times per year, and without proper treatment, wood isn’t resistant to bacteria, heat and staining.

Tile Countertops

Tile can be an appealing countertop option, as it allows homeowners to customize the color, texture and pattern. Using ceramic or porcelain tile also gives a kitchen or bathroom a classic, polished appearance.

Like wood and marble, however, tile counters need more maintenance than granite countertops. The grout needs to be regularly scrubbed, and the tiles need to be regrouted every year. Additionally, cleaning needs to be done with care to avoid scratching, chipping or cracking the tile.

Do you want expert help weighing the pros and cons of high-end granite countertops with the alternative options? An experienced local custom countertop fabricator – like the professionals at Creative Granite – can answer your questions and provide expert advice based upon your design of your Utah, Idaho or Wyoming home.

Creative Granite, an industry leader in the Intermountain West region for more than 17 years, offers a range of gorgeous high-end granite slabs from Brazil, Italy, India and China as well as many different types of quartz and solid surfaces for countertops. Our fabricators provide expert custom installation of all three materials, and we’re committed to both exceptional workmanship and stellar customer service.

To visit the Creative Granite design center and view our extensive array of quartz, solid surface and high-end granite countertops, contact our Salt Lake City office today.

Getting Granite Countertops? Here’s Why You Need a Local Fabricator

Installing custom granite countertops can brighten your kitchen or bathroom, refreshing the space and giving it a stylish, high-end look. The impact is impressive – when the job is done right, that is.

When you’re ready to improve your home with granite countertops, don’t head to the nearest big box store or home improvement warehouse. Working with a local fabricator – like the professionals at Creative Granite — is the best way to ensure you get the high-quality counters you deserve.

Getting Granite Countertops Here’s Why You Need a Local Fabricator

Granite Style Choices

Experienced local fabricators have a solid understanding of the varying grades of granite and can offer insight on stone patterning, veins, and maintenance. For expert guidance in making your slab selection, working with a professional countertop fabricator is your best bet.

In addition, if you want to choose from the finest quality granite slabs, heading to a local fabricator is a smart move. Options at home improvement stores are often limited, but a company that specializes in countertop fabrication will have a vast range of stunning slabs with unique coloring, veining, and patterning. And you can see the slabs in person, allowing you to choose your stone live and in person.

Custom Countertop Layout

Professionals in countertop fabrication take the time to measure your space themselves. Then, using the exact dimensions of your space, they create a template of your counters, essentially a life-size mockup made of wood. This is used to plan the layout and cut the stone slab to fit the exact dimensions of the space.

At big box stores that supply granite countertops, standard templates or patterns may be used – which may or may not work well with the specifics of your kitchen or bathroom.

Exceptional Granite Fabrication

When you install granite countertops, the number of seams and their visibility should be minimized. Accomplishing this requires expert care – which you can only get from a highly-skilled and experienced local fabricator.

Countertop fabrication professionals are meticulous when it comes to matching patterns and veins at the seams. In addition, the counters are planned to have as few seams as possible for a more uniform appearance.

Expert Countertop Installation

Working with a local fabricator takes the headaches out of your custom granite countertop installation. Professionals have the experience necessary to complete your project with minimal disturbance to your household.

With a countertop fabrication company, you won’t be waiting on your granite to be cut before scheduling your installation. Your counters will be fabricated in-house, so you can count on your project being finished in a timely manner.

Installing granite countertops is definitely a task best left to a local fabricator. If you live in Utah, Idaho or Wyoming, trust the award-winning professionals at Creative Granite & Design.

An Intermountain West industry leader for the past 17 years, Creative Granite & Design offers a range of stunning natural stone options from around the globe. We’re known for expert fabrication and installation, and we take great care to provide stellar customer service.

Creative Granite & Design is dedicated to using only the best materials and installing them with expert care. For a no-cost, no-obligation custom granite countertop consultation, contact our Salt Lake City office today.

Are Custom Quartz Countertops Affordable?

Custom quartz countertops are ultra-durable and exceptionally beautiful. The design possibilities are endless, so you can easily match or complement the design of your kitchen or bathroom. Plus, quartz counters don’t need to be sealed, so maintenance is a breeze.
custom quartz countertops
Those are all great features – but how much do quartz countertops cost? Every project is different, of course, so the project total can’t be accurately predicted without a professional consultation.

However, we can give you a general idea of what to expect in terms of price, to help you plan your upcoming kitchen renovation or new home design.

Average Costs for Custom Quartz Countertop Installation

The cost of installing quartz countertops varies, but it may be helpful to understand how much other homeowners spend on the project.

According to, an online home improvement marketplace, the price for high-quality quartz – without installation costs – is between $70 and $100 per square foot. Installation typically adds $150 to $280 per square foot to the total price.

The national average cost for quartz countertop installation is $2,500. Generally speaking, most projects come in somewhere between $1,000 and $4,000.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Custom Quartz Countertop Installation

The amount you’ll need to pay for quartz countertops will depend upon the particulars of your project. Factors that go into determining the total price include:

    • Leveling – Before counter installation, a professional fabricator may need to level the cabinets to reduce the risk of gaps and cracks.
    • Supports – In areas without cabinetry, such as above a dishwasher, wood supports may need to be added along the wall or neighboring cabinets.
    • Fabrication – Cutting the counters to the proper size and shape, while allowing for sink and fixture cutouts, and fabricating the edges in the desired manner can be a complex process with some installations.

As you might expect, the more involved and complicated your quartz countertop installation, the more your project will cost.

Are Custom Quartz Countertops Right for You?

Quartz counters can enhance your kitchen or bathroom with eye-catching beauty, and the material is both incredibly durable and easy to maintain. In addition, engineered countertops are an eco-friendly choice, as they’re made using regionally-manufactured stone.

But, quartz isn’t your only option. Custom granite countertops and solid surface counters have their own advantages and are preferred by many Intermountain West homeowners.

The best way to decide if quartz countertops are the right choice for your kitchen or bathroom remodel is to consult with an experienced local custom countertop fabricator, like the professionals at Creative Granite.

As an Intermountain West industry leader for over 17 years, the Creative Granite team has the expertise to help you guide you toward your ideal countertop solution. We offer an extensive variety of gorgeous options in a range of prices, and we’re known for expert installation. For a free, no-pressure consultation to discuss granite, solid surface and custom quartz countertops, contact our Salt Lake City design center today.

Custom Granite Countertops: Standard vs. Full-Height Backsplashes

Custom granite countertops are the ideal way to give your kitchen a dramatic and functional update. Having a backsplash made from the same slab will give your counters a high-end, finished appearance.

Custom Granite Countertops: Standard vs. Full-Height Backsplashes

Most Intermountain West homeowners are familiar with standard granite backsplashes, which are typically about six inches in height. However, installing a full-height kitchen backsplash, or one that extends from the counter all the way up to the bottom of the cabinets, is quickly becoming a popular interior design trend.

Any custom granite backsplash – whether standard or full-height – can boost the style of your kitchen. So, which should you choose?

Pros and Cons of Standard Granite Backsplashes

Cost is arguably the single greatest advantage to installing a standard height kitchen backsplash – those few extra inches of granite won’t add much to your overall granite countertop budget.

Convenience is another benefit. In most cases, standard backsplashes can be installed at the same time as the countertops, so your kitchen renovation can be completed more quickly. Standard height designs also give you more interior design flexibility. With a six-inch custom granite backsplash, a large part of the wall is left open – which means you can add your own decorator touches.

As for drawbacks, a standard backsplash leaves most of the wall space unprotected. Food splashes and grease can accumulate, posing a cleaning and maintenance challenge.

Pros and Cons of Full-Height Granite Backsplashes

Full-height custom granite backsplashes are typically favored for their impressive style and upscale look and feel. Extending the natural stone all the way up the wall provides a gorgeous look that exudes luxury.

Another reason to consider a full-height backsplash is maintenance and cleaning. Food splatter is easy to remove from the stone surface. In fact, all you need is a damp cloth or sponge and a mild cleanser.

The downside to installing a full-height backsplash is that installation takes additional time. This type of installation is completed in two stages, as the space between the counters and the cabinets must be measured again after the custom granite countertops are installed in order to ensure a perfect fit. Plus, because more materials are required and the labor is more intensive, full-height backsplashes are more expensive to install than standard backsplashes.

How to Choose a Backsplash for Your Custom Granite Countertops

Ultimately, the choice between a standard or full-height backsplash for your custom granite countertops is yours to make. You’ll need to carefully weigh the pros and cons to come to a decision.

The help you make your decision, consult with a local custom countertop and backsplash fabricator. An expert can help you explore your options and provide sound advice tailored to your specific kitchen design plans.

If you live in Utah, Idaho or Wyoming and want help deciding on a kitchen backsplash to complement your custom countertops, talk to the professionals at Creative Granite & Design. As an Intermountain West industry leader for more than 17 years, our team has the expertise to answer all your questions and guide you toward your perfect granite backsplash solution.

Creative Granite is known for high-quality countertop and backsplash fabrication, masterful installation and exceptional customer service. Contact our Salt Lake City office today to schedule a complimentary consultation for custom granite countertops.

Solid Surface Countertops: Pros and Cons

Are solid surface countertops the right choice for your kitchen or bathroom?

Solid Surface Countertops: Pros and Cons

Man-made using acrylic or polyester resins – and available in hundreds of patterns and colors – solid surface counters are preferred over natural stone by many Utah homeowners. That said, every countertop material has its flaws and strengths – and custom granite or quartz countertops could offer more of the features you need.

So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of solid surface countertops?

Advantages of Solid Surface Countertops

Solid surfaces have several positives. The major selling points of this countertop material include:

  • Seamless joints – Countertops are molded to fit perfectly, without any seams.
  • Durability – Although both custom granite and quartz are more durable, solid surfaces are hard and impact-resistant.
  • Non-porous surface – This countertop material is non-porous and resists stains and food-borne bacteria.
  • Restorable – With solid surfaces, damage can often be easily sanded out and repaired.
  • Easy care – Wiping these countertops clean is a quick and simple task, requiring just soap and water or a mild household cleanser.

Disadvantages of Solid Surface Countertops

Although solid surfaces come with many advantages, no material is perfect. The drawbacks of these types of countertops include:

  • Not resistant to heat – Solid surfaces aren’t tolerant of heat and can discolor, scorch or even crack upon contact with a hot pan.
  • Susceptible to scratches – This countertop material is softer than natural stone and cutting directly on the surface is likely to result in damage.
  • Vulnerable to strong chemicals – If exposed to nail polish remover, paint thinner, lacquer, over cleaner or other harsh chemicals, solid surfaces can become damaged.
  • Less practical finish – Glossy surfaces show off scratches and damage easily, yet matte and satin finishes may not be practical for high-use counter areas.

Should You Consider a Solid Surface Countertop?

If you want beautiful, high-quality counters with no seams, one of the many unique solid surfaces could be your best bet. Many styles closely mimic the look of natural stone, and you can select one that perfectly matches your kitchen or bathroom.

If your budget is a concern, solid surfaces in basic colors and patterns are highly affordable. Keep in mind, however, that many less-basic designs may cost about the same as custom granite or quartz – and some designs cost even more.

Ultimately, the easiest way to decide on a counter material is to explore your options with a local custom countertop fabricator – like the professionals at Creative Granite.

Creative Granite has been an industry leader in the Intermountain West region for over 17 years. We offer expert custom installation of all three types of countertop materials, with a wide variety of options in all price ranges. For a free, no-pressure consultation to discuss our custom granite, quartz and solid surface countertops, contact our Salt Lake City showroom today.

Granite Countertops 101: How to Identify High-End Natural Stone

High-end granite countertops are a gorgeous upgrade for kitchens and baths that currently have dated laminate, tile or cultured marble. But not all granite is created equal.

Granite Countertops 101: How to Identify High-End Natural Stone

With most interior finishes, you usually get what you pay for. However, with natural stone, price doesn’t necessarily reflect quality. Knowing the how to identify high-end granite can help you find the best countertop material for your home.

Understanding Grades of Granite for Countertops

This may come as a surprise, but no industry standard currently exists for grading the quality of natural stone. Although most manufacturers and retailers have in-house grades – including Creative Granite & Design – the industry has no across-the-board system for comparing quality.

Grading is determined by the slab’s country of origin as well as color, pattern, thickness and visible imperfections within the slab.

Most natural stone grading systems refer to low-grade, mid-grade and high-grade stone. However, a slab that one company considers to be high-grade could be classified as mid-grade by another contractor. For this reason, it’s important to purchase your countertops from a well-established and respected countertop fabricator.

Characteristics of High-End Granite Countertops

If price and grade aren’t reliable indicators of quality, how can you identify high-end granite for countertops? As a basis for comparison, look for the following characteristics:

Unique colors, like blues, reds or purples
Uncommon veins and patterns
Slabs that are at least one and a quarter inch thick
Smooth, even surfaces free from dents, dings and scratches

In contrast, lesser-quality granite countertops come in more common colors, like beige and gray, and they may require plywood backing for strength.

Here’s Why You Should Treat Yourself to High-End Granite Countertops

Fabrication techniques matter when it comes to high-end countertops. Even the most spectacular stone slab could end up looking bad if it’s poorly fabricated.

Upgrading kitchen or bathroom countertops requires an experienced touch, as the seams need to be placed and blended perfectly. Premium finished edges also require expert fabrication skills. So, if you want interesting, intricate edging, working with a highly-skilled countertop fabricator is critical.

Reputable granite installers also provide design center services, to help you select the best materials and design to suit your home’s décor style as well as your budget.

Are you ready to start shopping for new granite countertops for your Utah, Idaho or Wyoming home? The professional team at Creative Granite can provide you with expert advice and guidance in finding your ideal high-end countertop solution.

As an Intermountain West industry leader for over 17 years, Creative Granite is known for high-quality countertop materials, exceptional workmanship and a commitment to stellar customer service. Contact our Salt Lake City office today to schedule a complimentary consultation, and to take a look at our extensive range of high-end granite countertops for yourself.