Granite Countertops

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Custom granite countertops are an elegant addition to any home.

Granite is a form of igneous rock. Granite is composed primarily of Quartz, Alkalie, and Felspar. Granite is a very dense stone, weighing from 150-190 pounds per cubic foot. This density adds to its strength. Many types of granite have a low water absorption rate, however they are not impervious to liquids. Many types of granite have a high compressive strength and abrasion resistance compared to other stones. Granite is not reactive to most acids. What does all this technical stuff mean? It translates into the strongest countertop material available, less possibility of straining, very scratch resistant, eternally durable, and most of all, elegantly beautiful!

Granite Facts

  • Granite is nearly impossible to scratch. In most cases you will dull your knives before you scratch your countertop.
  • Granite accepts hot pots and pans right from your oven/burner without a trace of scorching.
  • Once sealed, granite will not stain under normal everyday use, if ever.
  • Granite does not harbor bacteria.
  • The granite surface is not affected by citric acid, coffee, tea, alcohol, wine, etc.

Generally granite lasts forever.

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