5 Custom Granite Countertops Myths Debunked

If you have considered adding custom granite countertops in your kitchen, you’ve probably heard some of the many myths and misconceptions that swirl around this building material. Before you let any of these fallacies deter you from adding high-end granite to your home, let’s take a closer look at what we know. Myth No. 1:

Quartz Countertop History ​

Quartz countertops are rivaling granite for the title of most popular, but it’s a relatively new trend. For decades, granite was king, and few homeowners even knew quartz slabs were an option. Quartz, which is a natural stone infused with manmade materials for strength and durability, is available in a variety of patterns and colors.

Solid Surface Countertops and Formica

Today’s solid surface countertops are nothing like their predecessors of the 1960s and ’70s. These man-made materials are comprised of tough elements including acrylic, polyester resins, bauxite, epoxy and pigments. Solid surface countertops are low-maintenance, nonporous and absolutely beautiful. They can look and feel like any type of natural stone imaginable, with the added bonus

Custom Granite: Beyond Countertops

Using custom granite for kitchen and bathroom counters is a given, but this versatile material can be a showstopper in many other parts of the home too. As gas fireplaces increase in popularity, so does choosing custom granite as a frame and mantle. Using a high-end material as a fireplace backdrop draws the eye. Get

Quartz Countertops for Christmas

You can’t wrap up a quartz countertop, top it with a bow and park it under the Christmas tree. Well, technically you can, but that would be a big undertaking. However, if new quartz or granite countertops are in the budget and you want to surprise a loved one with a major kitchen or bathroom