Custom Granite for Fireplaces

You already know adding custom granite to kitchen countertops, backsplashes and bathroom vanities is a great way to increase your home’s value. But custom granite is also a fantastic choice to frame your fireplace or to update the hearth. Granite is durable, simple to clean, comes in every color variation and pattern you can imagine,

Granite Countertop Installations

The quality of your granite countertop installation is just as important as the quality of the slab itself. Some homeowners try to tackle the installation themselves because they think it’s a way to save money, but it can lead to devastating results. Granite is, of course, heavy and can break, crack or chip when in

Quartz Countertops Rise to Fame

Quartz countertops are now almost as common as granite, battling it out among solid surfaces to become the most popular pick of all. However, most homeowners still answer a resounding, “Granite!” when asked which high-end surface is the most in demand, and they’re not wrong. But just because a solid surface countertop is good quality

Are Your Solid Surface Countertops Thick Enough?

You’ve picked the type of solid surface countertop you want, the color scheme and the quality grade. What about thickness? Solid surface countertops are a luxury investment, and the thicker the slab, the costlier it is. However, having a thick slab in your kitchen or bathroom offers a serious wow factor, too, making the upgrade

Choose Granite Countertops that Stun

Granite countertops remain one of the most desirable features in a home, as revealed by numerous national real estate and development company surveys. It’s no surprise, since their character, uniqueness and durability are timeless. Gorgeous stone counters come in many options, from marble to quartz, but they can’t quite match the popularity of granite. The