Quartz: The New Must-Have Countertop

Move over, granite, its quartz’s time to shine! (Not really — granite will always be one of the most desired countertop materials.) However, it’s at least time for granite to share the spotlight with quartz. Also a natural stone, quartz undergoes a lot more processing and addition of materials in order to make it not

3 Perks of Custom Granite

Custom granite, just like any other personalized element in your home, is going to offer more efficiency, a better match to your style and likely a home value boost. But what makes custom granite different from other granite? It depends on what you define as custom. Granite is a natural stone, which is created in

Why Go for High-End Granite?

Is there really a big difference between high-end granite and other kinds of granite? Isn’t granite a natural stone that has imperfections that make it beautiful? Just like any natural material, there’s a big range when it comes to quality and scarcity equates to luxury. Asking if all granite is the same is like asking

What are Solid Surface Countertops?

What’s the difference between solid surface countertops and natural stone? Solid surface is a manmade material, usually acrylic, that lasts several years with virtually no maintenance. However, these aren’t your grandparents’ counters. Today’s materials are so rich and luxurious that they’re often mistaken for natural stone. Keep in mind that natural stone, while beautiful, often

Quartz: The Underdog of Countertops

You know about granite for countertops, but what about quartz? A wide selection of gorgeous natural stone slabs is available for countertops, backsplashes and floors, yet granite rose to the top and became the most in-demand material across the country — and it’s stayed there for years. In fact, realty surveys show over and over