Choose Granite Countertops that Stun

Granite countertops remain one of the most desirable features in a home, as revealed by numerous national real estate and development company surveys. It’s no surprise, since their character, uniqueness and durability are timeless. Gorgeous stone counters come in many options, from marble to quartz, but they can’t quite match the popularity of granite. The

Inside a Granite Quarry

You know your high-end granite comes from a quarry, but what exactly goes on in these labor-intensive spaces? Quarries are found all over the world, and the type of granite that comes from each is unique (as is every slab, of course). The biggest granite quarry in the world is in Mount Airy, North Carolina,

Custom Granite vs. Regular Granite

What makes custom granite different than the ready-to-go slabs you see at many countertop shops? First things first: All granite is unique. It’s a naturally formed material that takes thousands of years to rise from magma chambers to the earth’s surface. That’s why no two slabs are alike. They have different colors, characteristics, designs and

Quartz Countertops for Investment Properties

The great love affair with quartz countertops has begun, and more Americans are choosing this material over granite. However, did you know quartz countertops are also a great choice for an investment property? By far, this natural stone’s No. 1-selling feature — the fact that it’s maintenance-free — is the leading reason landlords are loving

What’s High-End Granite?

All granite is high-end, compared to manmade materials like vinyl. However, granite is a natural stone, and that means endless available varieties. Granite also can be used as a catchall term to mean granite-like materials (don’t be fooled — there is no such thing) or even faux granite. You want to make sure your slabs