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Quartzite Countertops

Quartzite countertops are the designer finish you may know nothing about. But, if you’re considering a kitchen or bathroom makeover, you’ll definitely want to learn more.

This variety of natural stone has a style that’s sophisticated yet earthy, polished yet natural. Quartzite is quarried and cut into slabs, just like granite and marble and, when you add custom countertops made of this material to your home or business, it’s bound to command a lot of attention.

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What Is Quartzite?

Quartzite is a natural mineral formed after sandstone has been exposed to high heat and pressure over the centuries.

With a look that is similar to marble, you can choose from a variety of shades and vein patterns. Most slabs tend toward tones of white, cream, taupe and rust. However, you can frequently find with grey, black or pale blue tones.

Don’t confuse this natural stone with quartz countertops, however. Although both materials are popular, beautiful and offer many advantages, quartz tops are fabricated using a combination of natural and synthetic materials.

Quartzite, on the other hand, is a natural stone material mined from the earth, just like marble and granite.

Benefits of Quartzite Countertops

The most notable benefit of quartzite – besides its striking beauty, of course – is its durability.

This stone is especially hard, durable and heat-resistant. In fact, it is more durable than granite and requires substantially less maintenance than marble. Like granite and marble, you do have to seal the porous surface of this stone periodically to prevent staining. Once it’s sealed, however, you can clean up most any mess with a damp cloth.

The appearance of quartzite is timeless and elegant, making it the perfect choice for any interior décor style.

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