Other Places in Your Home Where Granite and Marble Belong

For more than two decades, Creative Granite has created exquisite vanity tops, backsplashes and countertops using high-end granite for customers all over Salt Lake City. We use other natural stones and minerals too, such as marble and quartz. Every product we build showcases our skills and craftsmanship. Uses of Granite and Marble in Interiors When

Why Quartz Countertops Are Ideal for Bakers

When it comes to countertop selection for a given kitchen, there are often both practical and aesthetic factors at play. This is particularly true for those who often use the countertop and related surfaces for cooking or related needs, especially one group: Bakers, who often gravitate toward quartz countertops if they have their choice of

Qualities of Kitchen Countertop Stone Options

For those looking to remodel their countertops as part of any kitchen remodel or renovation, there are several great material options out there. Modern technology allows for both natural stone and several other stone varieties to be used on countertops, including certain varieties that even mimic the look of natural stone with different qualities. At

Steps for Sealing Granite Countertops Properly

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some basics on determining the current quality of a granite surface’s seal and whether it should be re-sealed. Granite is a porous natural stone, meaning liquid can seep into it if it isn’t protected – but sealing is the primary form of protection that

Determining if Granite Countertops Need Sealing

When purchasing a granite or any other stone countertop, a common question from clients is whether they need to seal this countertop surface. Countertop sealing involves protecting the surface from moisture, stains and other risks that might be present, including those that can significantly detract from the value and practical use of the surface. At