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Choosing Stone Material for an Outdoor Countertop, Part 1

While the most common setting for a given countertop will be indoors within the kitchen or bathroom area, natural stone countertops also do very well outside. Those setting up a social area or any kind of living space in their back yard or another area of the property should strongly consider natural stone countertops if they require a bar or counter area of any kind.

At Creative Granite & Design, we’re proud to offer a wide range of natural stone countertops, from granite countertops to quartz, marble and several other beautiful countertop materials. In this two-part blog series, we’ll begin by looking at several of the factors you should consider while choosing an outdoor countertop material, then we’ll dig into several of the best material options and how you go about choosing between them.

stone material outdoor countertop

Exposure Level

One of the first areas to consider here will be how much exposure your outdoor kitchen or counter space will be taking on a daily basis. There are both partial and fully-exposed outdoor kitchens depending on what you have on-hand for cover and how you plan to use it.

In cases where your outdoor space is mostly enclosed and won’t be exposed to too much sunlight or other elements, you can go with materials that are slightly less resistant to damage while prioritizing aesthetics. If the surface will be exposed to elements regularly, on the other hand, you should avoid laminate and other materials that might fade easily or experience damage.

Weather Factors

The other major factor to look at here will be the kind of weather your area tends to experience, plus what kinds of elements will actually impact the countertops themselves. Materials that cannot handle water or temperature fluctuations should generally be avoided unless you are 100% certain these kinds of elements will not regularly impact the surface – otherwise, you’re risking repairs or replacement far sooner than usual.

Functional Needs

What kinds of appliances and other items will be present in the outdoor space? Will it be a full-on kitchen with a stovetop and additional cooking areas, or simply a social area with a countertop and a bar?

These and other factors will also play a role in material selection. In addition, consider the times of year you plan to utilize the area.

Space Concerns

Finally, consider the space you have available and how a given countertop material will impact the aesthetics of the area. Not only will this help you choose the proper material, it will also assist in choosing other features like cabinets, appliances and kitchen equipment.

For more on choosing the best natural stone material for your outdoor countertops, or to learn about any of our marble, granite or quartz countertops, speak to the staff at Creative Granite & Design today.

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