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Granite Countertop Installations

Granite Countertop Installation

The quality of your granite countertop installation is just as important as the quality of the slab itself.

Some homeowners try to tackle the installation themselves because they think it’s a way to save money, but it can lead to devastating results. Granite is, of course, heavy and can break, crack or chip when in transit. However, even if you choose to have your granite countertops professionally installed, quality can vary widely.

One of the biggest issues doesn’t have to do with installation at all, but rather with the customer service. Installation crews need to be well trained, communicative, clean and respectful of your home.

Most installers should start as fabricators and work their way up the ranks to installer. Fabricators make the best installers, and workers with backgrounds in cabinetry or construction prior to fabrication bring even more skills to the position.

Installation Done Right

When the slab arrives at your home, it’s best if you’re on site. Your installer should confirm with you that they are installing the correct slab.

Sometimes very minor issues, such as vanity mirror placement, can slightly change the dimensions of a slab or backsplash. For this reason, the team often cuts sink and faucet holes and the backsplash on-site (always outside the home), in case there are modifications to your original plan. These changes likely would not be noticed by non-installers, but the crew lead should still confirm with you.

The installation crew should put down drop cloths or tape paper on your floors to prevent any dirt or debris from being left in your home. In the kitchen or bathroom, care should be taken to prevent damage or dust buildup.

After the installation, a reputable team will clean up, leaving your home just as tidy as it was before they arrived. If on-site cutting is done, they should choose an area that won’t damage your yard or landscape.

Right and Tight

With very large countertops, you probably will need more than one slab and a seam. Solid-hued granite should be so precisely level and tight that you really need to hunt to find that seam. Slabs with large colors and swirls can be more challenging to match up along the seams. You’ll notice it upon close inspection, but it shouldn’t be obvious at first glance.

Countertop installation should be level, sturdy and the seams should be closely matched so that you’re not left with the equivalent of a small grout line. Countertops and seams should be glued with an adhesive designed specifically for stone counters.

If your countertops did not come sealed, and that’s an extra level of protection you’d like, have the installers seal the countertops directly after installation and cleanup. Some sealants require 24 hours before counters can be wiped down and used.

Installation day should be exciting, fun, clean and safe. Choosing the right team for your granite countertop installation can make all the difference. Contact Creative Granite & Design for beautiful countertops with expert installation.

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