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How to Style Your New Stone Countertop in Provo When Remodeling

Remodeling your kitchen is a big and exciting project to embark on, and getting new countertops installed is one of the most significant parts of the process. But after choosing a countertop, how do you decide what will look good for the rest of the kitchen? Here are our tips for styling your new stone countertop in Layton when you’re remodeling your kitchen.

How to Style Your New Stone Countertop in Provo

Styling Granite Countertops in Layton

One of the best aspects of granite is that it comes in so many different colors. However, this means it can sometimes be unclear how to style a kitchen around your granite countertops.

If the granite is more warm-toned, you can play up that warmth by filling your kitchen with rich, earthy tones, like mocha, walnut, or chocolate. Be sure to incorporate some creamy white as well to avoid making the kitchen feel too dark. Warm-toned granites that are closer to white than gray look good surrounded by a combination of warm off-white and pure white.

Many types of granite have cool tones, in which case you have a number of choices. For something simple, you can stick to grayscale, but you can also enhance the stone’s natural cool tones with whitewashed wood, blue-toned and green-toned grays, and other mineral colors. You can balance out these cool tones with a darker, warmer wood floor.

For black granite counters, you’ll want to offset the counter’s dark hues with white or off-white. You can opt for pristine whites and grays, or warmer whites and wood.

Styling Quartz Countertops in Salt Lake City

If you chose a dark gray quartz countertop, this can be the perfect starting point for a more industrial-style kitchen. Paired with exposed brick for the walls and wood for the floors and cabinets, your dark gray quartz countertop will look like its fit for a professional chef. You can also pair dark gray quartz with an all-white kitchen for a space that’s light and welcoming without being blindly bright.

Light gray quartz countertops will also work in an all-white kitchen. Also, light gray quartz pairs perfectly with stainless steel appliances, and the versatility of this color of quartz leaves the rest up to you.

White quartz countertops cut in the increasingly popular waterfall style create a look that is modern and chic. This shade of quartz is also perfect for light, neutral kitchen color palettes.

Styling Marble Countertops

Marble is a great stone to design around because of its natural accents. Marble is often flecked with different earth-toned colors, which you can look to for inspiration. You can use the marble to create contrast in your kitchen, choosing an accent color from those earth-toned flecks and striations.

If you are remodeling your kitchen but have yet to settle on a countertop, let Creative Granite help. We expertly install stone countertops in Layton in countless colors and cuts, so we can help fulfill your vision of a new kitchen.

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