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Using Custom Granite in a Contemporary Kitchen

Custom granite can bring a unique sense of high-end style to a contemporary kitchen.

The contemporary design style has become increasingly popular in home design. Home buyers and remodelers are frequently choosing this approach for their kitchens. If you are building a home or renovating your current house, consider adding custom granite countertops for a special touch.

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What Is Contemporary Kitchen Design?

Characterized by clean lines and a sleek, modern sensibility, contemporary kitchen designs are favored today by architects, interior designers and homeowners throughout Utah.

This unfussy aesthetic is uniquely free of ornamentation, molding or other excess. Colors typically run toward monochromatic palettes of black, white and gray. Natural wood tones also work well in a contemporary design.

When you select your finishes, look for functionality and simplicity with a classic form and feel.

Choosing Custom Cabinets for a Contemporary Kitchen Remodel

When choosing custom cabinets for a contemporary kitchen, focus on three key factors: the cabinet materials, door style and highly functional storage.

Contemporary-friendly designs can handle bold color choices and bold lines. Slab doors without fussy hardware are the cabinet design of choice. Wood materials work as long as they lack a strong, visible grain. Artificial cabinet materials are also appropriate for this design style.

Consider using contrasting base and upper cabinets for a fresh look that will endure for years to come.

Functionality is especially important in this design style. Staying true to the minimalistic design approach means you’ll want all your kitchen equipment and tools to have a place inside the cabinets, hidden away.

Selecting Your Custom Granite Countertops and Details

Using custom granite in a contemporary kitchen is an unusual choice for many design purists, as natural materials aren’t as common in this design ethos. But, when you choose the perfect slab and edge design, custom granite countertops can bring an unexpected richness to your kitchen.

When you select your slab, look for one that has less veining and variation. You can choose a neutral color in the white, black or gray family or, if you want an unexpected surprise, let your countertops serve as that bold splash of color.

Choose a simple edge detail for your contemporary countertops. In fact, a straight or square edge is ideal. If you want a little extra dimension, consider a ¼ bevel or crescent edge design.

If custom granite countertops are too risky of a design choice for your contemporary kitchen, you can always choose custom quartz countertops or a solid surface material, depending on your budget and aesthetic goals.

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