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Cleaning Tips for Custom Granite Countertops

Custom granite countertops are a stunning addition to any kitchen or bathroom. And aside from spectacular beauty, granite offers exceptional durability. The natural stone is stain-resistant and heat-resistant, and it stands up well to regular wear and tear.

But as great as granite countertops are, they can get dirty. And when they do, following the proper cleaning practices is important.

So, how do you clean custom granite countertops? What is the best cleaner to use? Don’t worry – keeping them in tip-top shape is pretty easy. Here’s what you need to do.

How to clean granite countertops

Clean Spills Immediately

When you spill food, drinks or anything else on your countertops, wipe up the mess as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more difficult it may be to clean. And certain types of spills – like red wine, mustard, coffee and citrus juice – can soak into the stone and leave stubborn stains or even damage the surface.

Choose a Gentle Cleaner

Granite-safe cleaners are widely available, and you can use one if you like. Or, you can make your own, mixing distilled water with rubbing alcohol and a few drops of dishwashing liquid. Avoid harsh chemical cleaners, and don’t reach for the bleach or vinegar – neither is safe for use on granite.

Use a Soft Cloth

Scrubbing granite countertops with an abrasive sponge leaves it more vulnerable to stains and damage, as vigorous cleaning strips away the sealant. Take a gentler approach and reach for a soft cloth or microfiber towel instead.

Deal with Surface Damage

If your granite countertops have any damage – which, as we mentioned, can happen if a stain goes unnoticed for too long – the natural stone will likely need to be buffed, polished and resealed. You can find instructions online, but for optimal results, these tasks are best left to an experienced countertop fabricator.

Seal the Countertops as Needed

Regular sealing protects your countertops, and many experts recommend applying sealant on an annual basis. To see if your granite is in need of resealing, try the water test. Simply place a few drops of water on the surface and wait a few minutes – if the water soaks into the granite instead of beading up, ask your countertop fabricator about sealing.

Do you have questions about cleaning granite? Or are you interested in adding custom granite countertops to your Utah, Idaho or Wyoming home? For expert answers and assistance, call on the award-winning professionals at Creative Granite.

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