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White Granite Countertops – An Alternative to Marble Countertops

Marble countertops are undoubtedly beautiful, prized for their delicate vein patterns and luxurious look. That said, some homeowners who love marble and plan to use it in their kitchens actually end up installing premium white granite countertops instead.

Why is this? Both high-end countertop materials are durable natural stones, and both instantly add value to your home. But, marble comes with a few concerns. White granite offers a similar aesthetic appeal and feel, and it can be an excellent alternative.

White granite vs marble countertops

Why You May Not Want to Install Marble Countertops

The Parthenon, an ancient Greek temple, is still standing today – and it’s made of marble. So, the natural stone is incredibly strong. But, that strength doesn’t necessarily make it the best choice for kitchen countertops.

Because of its mineral composition, marble countertops develop a patina over time. For some, this adds to the allure. Others, however, consider the effect to be a significant shortcoming.

Plus, marble is quite porous, which makes it more vulnerable to stains and discoloration. Spills can leave permanent marks that are nearly impossible to remove. Also, acidic substances, like lemon juice and wine, can etch scars into marble countertops. To prevent these potential problems, the surface needs to be resealed at least once per year.

How White Granite Countertops Compare to Marble Countertops

Granite is harder than marble, so it resists chips, scratches and etches better. That said, both countertop materials can handle the heat. And, like marble, granite is porous and requires regular resealing to stop spills from turning into permanent stains.

In addition, of the two types of natural stone, marble is rarer than white granite. Consequently, the price is higher – and cost is an important factor when you’re installing new countertops.

When to Choose Marble Countertops Over White Granite

Though white granite countertops can closely resemble marble, expecting an exact match is unrealistic. Marble is rather distinctive, one of the most stunning types of natural stone, and that’s reason enough for some homeowners to choose it for their kitchens.

If you have the time and resources to commit to regular sealing, marble countertops can remain in beautiful condition for many years to come. And, the upkeep won’t be any more difficult than it would be with granite countertops.

Ultimately, the decision comes down to personal preference. Both types of natural stone make for gorgeous and durable countertops, and either could be just the right choice for your kitchen. To explore your options, call on a local custom countertop fabricator – like the award-winning professionals at Creative Granite.

Based in Salt Lake City, Creative Granite serves homeowners throughout Utah, Idaho and Wyoming. We offer a range of natural stone and engineered countertop materials, and we’re happy to answer questions, offer expert advice and assist in the decision-making process.

To schedule a free consultation with the Creative Granite team, or to view samples of our marble countertops and white granite countertops in person, contact us today.


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