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Simple Tips for Long-Term Quartz Countertop Care

When it comes to beautiful countertops that require limited maintenance, you can’t do much better than quartz. That said, those assuming they can purchase a quartz countertop and then never worry about it for even a second moving forward are deluding themselves – while they’re indeed low-maintenance and require little upkeep, homeowners who purchase them do have to pay them just a bit of regular attention to ensure they maintain their gorgeous aesthetics.

At Creative Granite & Design, we offer not only a wide selection of quartz countertops for you to choose from, but also all the expertise you need to maintain these surfaces for years into the future. Here are some basic tips on proper care for quartz countertops so they look good as new years and decades after you install them.

tips quartz countertop care

Quartz and Damage

For starters, it’s important to understand the reality about quartz as a material. Quartz has a reputation for being extremely durable, and this is well-deserved – but this does not mean that damaging a quartz countertop is impossible.

Luckily for any homeowner considering purchasing it, the sources of damage to quartz countertops are similar to any other popular material. You won’t have to take any strenuous precautions here, but rather will just need to keep a few basics in mind for both daily use and periodic maintenance. Our subsequent sections will go over tips for both these areas.

Daily Use Tips

Some general tips for daily use of your quartz countertops:

  • Spills: Quartz is a non-porous surface that naturally resists many stains and spills, but you should still take proper steps here anytime such an event occurs. Darker substances, in particular, can leave permanent stains if they aren’t cleaned up quickly.
  • Weight: Extreme weight placed on the counter may crack the quartz. We’re talking about major items or individuals who, for some strange reason, attempt to stand on the countertop.
  • Heat: Always utilize hot pads or other protective methods for pots or pans that are hot, rather than placing them directly on quartz countertops.
  • Cutting board: Use a cutting board instead of cutting directly on the quartz, which could damage the finish.
  • Chemicals: Keep harsh chemicals like oven cleaner, bleach and drain cleaner away from quartz countertops, as they may also damage the finish.

Periodic Maintenance Themes

Here are some basic tips for periodic maintenance:

  • Wash the counter often with warm water and mild soap, ensuring you rinse properly to avoid streaking risks.
  • Remove any stubborn stains that form using rubbing alcohol.
  • Scrape any dried gunk using a plastic scraper, not a metal item.
  • Every so often, use a glass cleaner to restore some basic shine on your surfaces.

For more on keeping quartz countertops properly cared for, or to learn about any of our granite or other stone countertops, speak to the staff at Creative Granite & Design today.

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