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Are You Inadvertently Damaging Your Stone Countertop in Layton?

These days, countertops are more durable and long-lasting than ever. That means that when you buy a stone countertop in Layton, you’re making an investment into the future. To get the highest return on that investment, you’ll want to avoid making these five mistakes when using your kitchen counters.

Are You Inadvertently Damaging Your Stone Countertop

1. Acidic Foods

Even with the best stone counter sealants, acidic foods like lemon, vinegar, or orange juice can leave etches, reduce shine, and cause discoloration on the surface of your counters. While the acidic foods aren’t harming the stone directly, they can damage the sealant, which will lead to even bigger problems later on.

2. Heavy Items

No matter how durable your countertops may be, they are still susceptible to cracking under pressure. Granite’s natural streaks, for example, while beautiful, are more vulnerable to cracking. Especially on unsupported overhangs, you’ll want to avoid putting excessive weight on your countertops. Always use a step stool rather than climbing on your counters, and be mindful of the weight of any new kitchen appliances you purchase. Cracks and fractures in countertops are often difficult and expensive to fix.

3. Hot Pots and Pans

Some countertop materials are more heat resistant than others. Granite, for example, can handle high heat, as it is formed through the slow cooling process of magma. However, sealants and other stain-resistant countertop treatments are not as tough, and a hot pot or pan will weaken them. This can shorten the lifespan of your countertops and cause discoloration.

4. Leaving Spills Unwiped

Although sealants protect your countertops from liquids seeping into the stone, spills left on the counter for long periods of time can leave behind a white, crusty buildup, as well as etches in the seal that can stain the countertop. Leaving spills for a short period of time, such as while cooking, is alright, but ensuring the counters are clean and dry once you’re all done in the kitchen will help extend the lifespan of your kitchen counters.

5. Using Your Stone Countertop in Layton as a Cutting Board

Many homeowners are tempted to chop directly on the kitchen countertop, especially if their counters are made out of a particularly durable material. However, this can create tiny scratches in the sealant, which makes the countertop more vulnerable to damage. Additionally, cutting directly on the countertop is not good for your knives, as it causes them to dull quickly. Finally, cutting raw meat on the counter without a cutting board should be avoided in particular. After working with raw meat on the surface of the counter, you’ll want to disinfect it to avoid the spread of bacteria. However, most household cleaners are too strong for your countertops and will cause them to lose their shine over time.

If you’ve been making these countertop mistakes and are concerned that your kitchen counters are a lost cause, it might be time to start fresh. Creative Granite is your go-to when it comes to installing solid surface countertops in Salt Lake City. Their luxurious, state-of-the-art countertops will keep you motivated to break these bad counter habits and preserve your countertops for as long as possible.

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