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Cleaning Granite Countertops: Drying and Stain Removal

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the basics on how to clean and care for granite countertops in the kitchen or any other area of the home. Granite’s incredible visual appeal is promoted by proper cleaning and maintenance, and you’ll also help extend the lifespan of your granite by taking these basic steps.

At Creative Granite & Design, we’re proud to offer a huge range of granite countertops, and also numerous areas of expertise in terms of their long-term care and upkeep. Today’s part two of our series will go over the final steps in the cleaning process to ensure your countertops are free of dust, debris and any other grime that may threaten their appearance or long-term quality.

cleaning granite countertops stain removal

Step 4: Dry the Counters Entirely

We left off in part one with wiping the counters using small, circular motions to clean them. Next up: Drying them off, which should be done in an equally systematic fashion.

To facilitate this, you can use a towel or old cloth to absorb the water. However, paper towels are not recommended due to their inherent lack of absorbency when compared with other types of similar material, as they risk streaking or leaving paper particles behind on the counter. Cloths and towels will provide a fluffier, more absorbent method to draw up excess liquid from deep within the stone’s surface, allowing it to evaporate quickly and easily.

Our next couple sections will go over related cleaning circumstances you may encounter or have a need for.

Stain Removal Tips

In cases where a specific stain has taken place on your granite countertop, here are the basic steps to remedying it:

  • Locate your baking soda, which will be a central item needed in multiple scenarios
  • If the stain is water-based, mix the baking soda with a small amount of hydrogen peroxide; if the stain is oil-based, mix the baking soda with water.
  • Spoon out and spread the resulting thick paste over the stained area.
  • Cover the area with plastic wrap, and tape down the edges.
  • Leave this setup overnight, or even for a couple days in some scenarios.
  • Rinse and wipe down the granite.

Adding Sealant

In many cases, granite countertop owners will want to protect themselves against spills and other accidents that could lead to damages if they aren’t taken care of.

There are two primary means of sealing granite countertops:

  • Using a clear sealant, which should be applied in several coats
  • Using an impregnating sealer, which will sit deep within the stone surface where it’s needed most, protecting it from stains

If you’re unsure which of these options is best, or want some assistance with adding sealant, simply contact our team for help.

For more on this, or to learn about any of our granite or other natural stone countertops, speak to the pros at Creative Granite & Design today.

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