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Getting Granite Countertops? Here’s Why You Need a Local Fabricator

Installing custom granite countertops can brighten your kitchen or bathroom, refreshing the space and giving it a stylish, high-end look. The impact is impressive – when the job is done right, that is.

When you’re ready to improve your home with granite countertops, don’t head to the nearest big box store or home improvement warehouse. Working with a local fabricator – like the professionals at Creative Granite — is the best way to ensure you get the high-quality counters you deserve.

Getting Granite Countertops Here’s Why You Need a Local Fabricator

Granite Style Choices

Experienced local fabricators have a solid understanding of the varying grades of granite and can offer insight on stone patterning, veins, and maintenance. For expert guidance in making your slab selection, working with a professional countertop fabricator is your best bet.

In addition, if you want to choose from the finest quality granite slabs, heading to a local fabricator is a smart move. Options at home improvement stores are often limited, but a company that specializes in countertop fabrication will have a vast range of stunning slabs with unique coloring, veining, and patterning. And you can see the slabs in person, allowing you to choose your stone live and in person.

Custom Countertop Layout

Professionals in countertop fabrication take the time to measure your space themselves. Then, using the exact dimensions of your space, they create a template of your counters, essentially a life-size mockup made of wood. This is used to plan the layout and cut the stone slab to fit the exact dimensions of the space.

At big box stores that supply granite countertops, standard templates or patterns may be used – which may or may not work well with the specifics of your kitchen or bathroom.

Exceptional Granite Fabrication

When you install granite countertops, the number of seams and their visibility should be minimized. Accomplishing this requires expert care – which you can only get from a highly-skilled and experienced local fabricator.

Countertop fabrication professionals are meticulous when it comes to matching patterns and veins at the seams. In addition, the counters are planned to have as few seams as possible for a more uniform appearance.

Expert Countertop Installation

Working with a local fabricator takes the headaches out of your custom granite countertop installation. Professionals have the experience necessary to complete your project with minimal disturbance to your household.

With a countertop fabrication company, you won’t be waiting on your granite to be cut before scheduling your installation. Your counters will be fabricated in-house, so you can count on your project being finished in a timely manner.

Installing granite countertops is definitely a task best left to a local fabricator. If you live in Utah, Idaho or Wyoming, trust the award-winning professionals at Creative Granite & Design.

An Intermountain West industry leader for the past 17 years, Creative Granite & Design offers a range of stunning natural stone options from around the globe. We’re known for expert fabrication and installation, and we take great care to provide stellar customer service.

Creative Granite & Design is dedicated to using only the best materials and installing them with expert care. For a no-cost, no-obligation custom granite countertop consultation, contact our Salt Lake City office today.

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