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Quartz Countertops for Investment Properties

Quartz Countertops

The great love affair with quartz countertops has begun, and more Americans are choosing this material over granite. However, did you know quartz countertops are also a great choice for an investment property?

By far, this natural stone’s No. 1-selling feature — the fact that it’s maintenance-free — is the leading reason landlords are loving it. A countertop that requires no maintenance, is stain-resistant (no countertop truly can be called “stain free”), and durable? That’s exactly what every investment property needs.

Whether you plan to rent out a home, flip it or sell it for a profit, your investment property needs both strength and beauty in equal doses.

Quartz countertops are in high demand, so upgrading a non-natural stone (or one that requires a lot of care and maintenance) can increase the value of a home. You might be able to list the house for more, create a bidding war and get higher offers after installing quartz countertops.

Use Quartz to Help Find Your Dream Tenants

As a landlord, you want to ensure your rental property is beautiful, durable and can withstand the beating some tenants can give it. Even the best tenants simply won’t treat a rental property as well as they would a property they own. That’s one of the risks a landlord has to take.

You can stack the relationship odds in your favor by making sure high-traffic areas stand up well.

Plus, you don’t want the hassle of notifying a tenant every few months that countertops need to be re-sealed. All natural stone, besides quartz, requires regular re-sealing and treatment. Some stones are a little sturdier than others, such as granite compared to marble, but maintenance is still a must.

You’d need to notify your tenants, they would need to clear off all countertops and perhaps vacate the property for a few hours (depending on the sealing process). It’s an inconvenience for everyone — and an added expense for the landlord!

One and Done

Quartz never requires any maintenance. However, it’s not foolproof. It can still break in extreme situations (like if someone drops a bowling ball on it).

On the other hand, if wear and tear is typical, quartz can last several generations. It can stand up to wine and juice spills, oil splatter — it’s a completely nonporous countertop choice. It’s no wonder landlords are upgrading their properties to feature these stunning slabs.

If you have an investment property, invest in it! Call Creative Granite & Design to talk to an expert about quartz countertop options and how they can lower your vacancy rates or get you a better asking price on that flipped house.

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